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A criminal defense attorney represents individuals that are charged with a criminal offense. They are familiar with the court process and may be able to get concessions based on the nature of the offense or other considerations. A criminal defense attorney can identify legal issues that could even result in a dismissal of the charges or that can significantly improve your case.  If you are arrested, or even being questioned by the police, we recommend that you NOT give any statement to the police until you have spoken with an attorney.

If you are facing a criminal charge, we recommend that you discuss the charge with a criminal defense attorney regardless of how serious or minor the charge may be. We can help you to understand the charges, what your options are, whether you could enter a plea bargain, and perhaps most importantly, what to say and what NOT to say when speaking with the police, or court officials. Whether you decide to hire a defense attorney or not, the benefits of a consultation can be immeasurable.

Criminal charges can stick with you for the rest of your life. It can affect what jobs you can apply for, where you can travel, whether you can volunteer in certain community programs, etc. For a serious charge, we strongly recommend that you have a criminal defense attorney represent you in court, rather than just relying on a brief consultation.

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